Coffee Tasting Cards
Origin Coffee Roasters​​​​​​​
2021 - 2022
Origin Coffee Roasters release over 95 different coffees a year. From washed to natural there are a range of processes used within; features, blends and mainstays. For these coffees, the packaging remains the same, so the individuality of the coffee is highlighted through tasting cards, visual assets and designs.
As part of my role I  create the designs for these coffees on a weekly basis. Focusing on abstract art to bring to life the coffee flavours and body, whilst also referencing the culture of the country these cherries come from.
This equates to a broad range of focused designs; that reflect the originality of the brand, as well as the socio-economics underpinnings of the coffee. As well as the A6 sized tasting cards, I also turn the artwork into digital assets that can be used to promoted the coffee online, including; animation for social posts and stories, gifs for email and website holding images.
Illustration, Animation, Design, Procreate & After Effects

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