Cornish Beauty Rooms 
Rebrand, Identity & Promotional Material 
St Ives, Live Project, 2021
Using visual influence from the landscape and coastline of St Ives, rebrand Cornish Beauty Rooms. Focus on changing their current identity to one more reflective of their luxurious treatments and high end clientele, ready for their upcoming expansion.
The concept for the branding is situated around luscious blue and emerald tones; drawing links to both the depth of colour found in the surrounding sea, whilst visibly highlighting a perception of beauty and indulgence. Using the Cornish landscape as inspiration I created a range of shapes to abstractly reflect waves against the rocky coast. Following this theme and a discussion with the owner; who described her great love of the locally famed Cornish sea thrift flower, it seemed fitting to turn this natural feature into an illustrative logo, representing the brand visually and personally. Mirroring this imagery I altered the text to one more representative of beauty and elegance with focus on softer letter formations. 
Once a new brand identity had been established I used it to curate a range of printed outcomes, as well as a social media package and signage for the company. 
Branding, Illustrator, Promotional

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