Homeless Vote Campaign
Falmouth University, 2021
Last year shelters estimated that there were 280,000* homeless people in England alone, this means that 1 in every 200 people find themselves without a home. Currently in the UK, only 2% of this community are registered to vote, meaning 274,400 people are not voting. The main reasons for this include no home address, no photo ID, lack of information and education, as well as limited accessibility. 
Create a campaign that will reach the homeless community and encourage them to vote. It is imperative this campaign is run sensitively, with no prejudice or political bias. It should invite conversation and discussion, whilst focusing on one of the main barriers facing this portion of society in regard to voting.
Parity is an organisation fronting a campaign aimed at the homeless community. It will be used as an outreach by shelters and charities. The project's aim is to endorse and offer free photo IDs. This shall be  achieved through a mobile photo booth. Whereby a truck will turn up in a location every two weeks, offering anyone entering a free ID. Whilst giving details for this identification, the audience will be given the option to opt into vote registration. To entice the community into the stand, free showers, haircuts and food will also be offered; to limit any self consciousness the audience may face in having their photo taken. To advertise the event I used 3 main outputs, focusing on food hand outs, posters and a motion billboard to stipulate when the parity truck would be arriving at the exact location of the advertising material.
Campaign, Brand Identity, Problem Solving​​​​​​​

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