Skateboard GB: Cruisers Award
Design Package for SBGB Coaching Program 
*Live Project, UK, 2021
As a result of The Olympics and the growing popularity of skateboarding in the UK, there is a much higher demand for an introductory program parents can sign their children up to. One that offers the basics of skateboarding through a coaching system in a safe environment. As a result of this Skateboard GB have created: The Cruisers Award, a foundation structure that aims to teach 6 main elements; Stance, Balance, Pushing, Turning, Stopping & Safety. Coaches across the UK can then access this scheme and use it to teach and encourage young shredders.
Create a cohesive identity for The Cruisers Award. It must be related to Skateboard GB, whilst appealing to unisex 6-10 year olds and their parents. Once complete, form a range of outcomes that will make up the packet offered to coaches. This includes a set of cards for each stage of the program, with complimentary stickers that are given once each step is completed. Alongside this make a large A3 poster that outlines the course and can be viewed by both children and parents. Finally form a certificate of appreciation that may be awarded once the course has been completed.
Inspired by shedding positivity, energy and creativity to young skaters, the visual identity for this award replicates that feeling of youth and expression through its playful branding and design assets. The overall aesthetic uses a playful typeface, pleasing to the eye. This is to contrast the stereotypical school format & dry objective that leads to a lack of engagement in children. The design and colours can also be toned down & altered for the parental audience.

Branding, Audience, Illustration 

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