Disney XX 
Celebrate 100 years of the imagination of Disney
Falmouth University, 2021
Create an evocative, hyper-relevant brand building campaign around the 100th Anniversary that will make young adults into lifelong Disney fans. The challenge: turn well-loved 90s and 00s nostalgia into hyper relevancy for 2023. Brief set by The Walt Disney Company for D&AD New Blood Awards 2021.
Flipping a D&AD brief on it’s head, this project focuses of celebrating 100 years of sexist imagination in Disney.​​​​​​​ From unachievable body types and disappearing waistlines to disparaging stereotypes and unnerving undertones, Disney repeatedly portrays women through a harrowing lens, which negatively impacts young girls and boys.
Disney XX; an online platform highlighting the sexist imagery found within the "well-loved 90s and 00s" Disney films. Featuring a range of stills depicting the hyper-sexualisation of women and characters in Disney films, alongside detailed videos explaining the underlying issues surrounding this media. To advertise this platform, the web page's URL will appear on a range of tongue&cheek visual collaborations between Disney and the more salacious companies; Durex and Ann Summers.​​​​​​​ With the aim that the humour from these images would draw in a viewer & bring them to the site.

Advertising, Alternative Thinking, Photoshop + XD 

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