St Ives Skatepark Project 
Graphics & Visual Communications
St Ives, Live Project, 2020 - 2021
Create a visual identity for St Ives Skatepark Project. The end product should be bold and beautiful, with the aim that it will re-engage the public with this campaign and invite conversation. Form this identity into a social campaign, using influence from St Ives, whilst appealing to skaters both old and young.
The St Ives Skatepark Project was set up to raise funds to revamp the existing skatepark. The plan was to create a fantastic new concrete skatepark that will appeal to a much wider range of users. The St Ives Skatepark fundraising group has been running for 16 years and have held a range of events to help raise money for a new park. However due to the longevity of time it has been running for, interest and interaction with the group had decreased rapidly. Thus something new and fresh was needed to ignite the flame and help lead to the creation of the new park.
After speaking to the intended audience and conducting my own research I created a brand identity reflecting movement, art & fluidity, that ran across a series of platforms. This led to a large increase in engagement & helped to highlight the cause. Amazingly this also led to pitching for a £500,000 funding deal, using my design to represent the ethos of the park. Fortunately we won this deal, which led to me also being able to sit in with Maverick and help to design the new park, which was opened in May this year. 
Branding, Presentation, Social Media, Illustrator

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