Curator & Co-Founder of 48 to 1 
The Cornish Skateboarding Magazine
Live Project, Cornwall,  2021​​​​​​​
Due to my love of skateboarding and interest in lifestyle based creativity and working practises, I recently launched 48 to 1 with skate photographer and friend, Oscar Dryden. Initially this started with the aim to be a small zine, yet it quickly turned into a - 104 page long - inclusive magazine, featuring interviews with Leo Sharp and Imperial Skateboards as well as content reflecting Cornish calibre, Covid and local attitudes. Alongside being a huge achievement this also taught me a lot. Oscar focused primarily on photography, therefore I designed, wrote and curated the final piece, whilst also handling the printing preparations, finances and distribution. To make sure this magazine was as informative as possible we travelled up and down the county, over some long days and late nights, talking to a wide range of skaters to bring forth content for our first issue. 
Forty Eight to One is an independent Cornish skateboarding magazine. Made by skaters for skaters, the aim of this magazine was to share and uncover upcoming events and people within the county. With media and pros flocking to the main cities, skate culture in Cornwall is being left behind, with up and comers not getting the recognition and exposure they deserve. We therefore wanted to try and help put Cornwall more firmly on the map. Using this magazine we interviewed key voices within the area whilst also exploring: spots, street areas and parks. The final magazine consisted of 104 pages, with over 1,000 copies printed at a size of 168mm x 238mm on 170gsm silk paper. As well as online the magazine was also stocked & sold at The Palomino Club, Sessions, Flavour, Mount Hawke, TR7, Choccy’s and The Edge Of Adventure.

Editorial, Indesign, Management, Finances  

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