Illustrated Publication 
Falmouth University, 2019​​​​​​​
Centred around the theme of ‘Fact & Fiction’ write a story based on a life experience. Find a compelling way to express your story in the form of a physical book. Identify a clear ‘purpose’ and explore the way visual elements contribute to the construction of a narrative. 
Following multiple philosophy lectures I opted to turn vegan at 18 and drastically altered much of my lifestyle as a result. Thus I curated a compelling storyline around this decision, from an alternative perspective. This book follows the journey of Leo - a leopard who tries on a range of animal skins to evade his hunters - yet reaches the sad conclusion that only within human skin will he be safe. I wrote and produced this with the intention to raise awareness to the negative impact human interference has on the natural world and to bring to light the immediate effects of 21st century consumerism, habit and ignorance, whilst working on my ability to combine text and personal illustrations.

Illustration, Typography, Editorial & Physicality

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